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Peechi moodal mala trekking

Updated: Sep 10

Peechi Moodal Mala trekking is a trekking trial in the Peechi-Vazhani wildlife sanctuary and is organised by the forest department.

Moodal mala trekking

Moodal means a foggy atmosphere. During rain, the view from the viewpoint in the forest is known to be blurry due to fog. Hence, the name Moodal Trek. During our trek, the moodal wasn't present though.

Moodal mala trekking

The trek is approximately 8-13 km (on my watch it showed 13 km and in others, it showed 9, 12 etc; hence this 8-13 km range) and can go for around 6 hours. The charges are 500 for a single adult and a minimum of 4 people is required. But, I am sure that if you are ready to pay 2K, they will take you for a solo ride.

Location: . Booking: Call them a day before and confirm. PH - 8547603473 or 8547603470.

The Peechi Dam is among one of the oldest dams in Kerala; no info about its ranking but was commissioned in the 1950s. The dam water is mainly used for irrigation/drinking purposes. Even pipeline work is also going in and around Guruvayoor where water will be supplied from Peechi dam. Power production also happens but the major role is towards drinking and irrigation purposes. The dam was built when E Ikkanda Warrier was the Cochin Prime minister. People from Thrissur should be familiar with this name as Ikkanda Warrier Road is a well-known place.

I have done trekking in Chimmini Wildlife which is around 5 km if I can trust my memory and did not take more than 3 hours. But, in comparison to that, this actually gave a decent forest vibe and is a bit more challenging than that.

The trek started around 8 AM and was done with it by 1.30-2.00 PM.

Moodal mala trekking

Carry enough water, rain jacket/umbrella during rainy season, some bananas/energy bars and lunch. They do provide water bottles, and couple of biscuit packs.

A guide is assigned for every 4 member group and like other guides in general, some fancy stories with some original ones can be expected. I am not sure about guides in other places but in Chimmini and here I got the same feel. Many fancy stories like face-to-face tiger experiences and their escaping with a pencil stick, similar experiences with bears, snakes, elephants and more. Whatsapp information also comes along. These things apart, most of them are pure souls and female members can also feel comfortable.

Moodal Mala trekking overall experience

Really good. It gives you a good forest ambience. Wild animal spotting is uncommon. We came across elephants (on the other side of the forest), hornbills, and deer.

Moodal mala trekking

Difficulty level

Went easy for me but not so-so easy though. Depends from individual to individual but strictly not for kids and those who have breathing issues, knee pain etc. There are a couple of good steeps and climbs.

Dress code?

Of course, a blazer is recommended. Kidding, dark colour dress and a backstrap or shoes ideal for trekking. My decathlon backstrap (regular one meant for casual walking) tore up and cannot blame it because it is not meant for 6-hour trekking.

Photography experience

For photography, it is always better to go alone along with your gear. Pay extra and they might take you for a solo trek with guidance on bird and animal spotting. FLICKR:

Moodal mala trekking

Moodal mala trekking

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