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Koodalmanikyam temple

Updated: Jul 8

Koodalmanikyam temple is one of the oldest temples in Thrissur and is located at Irinjalakuda, Kerala. Surprisingly, this Bharata temple is known to be the only ancient temple in India dedicated to Bharatan brother of Sree Raman. The temple is also part of the Naalambla darshanam in Kerala. Location:

Suggested timing - Morning 6.30-8 AM and Evening 6 - 7 PM.

The temple is close to the place where I stay and has been there since I was in school or so. But, it was only when I started reading history books related to Kerala, I had a curiosity to visit this temple again and have a look from a history student's point of view.

The reason being the mention of the temple when discussing Jainism in Kerala.

According to historians like Sreedharan menon, the temple was once a revered Jain temple, where devotees gather to worship Jigambara Bharateswara, the Jain Tirthankara.

One of the highlights of Koodalmanikyam Temple is its Utsavam. Personally, I stay away from crowded places. But, this crowd and ambience is something I like. The ambience is almost similar to Kerala school Yuvajanotsavam, with multiple stages and wide range of performances. Even though, I had planned a visit, but it was not for the Utsavam. But, the unplanned visit turned out to be worth it and most probably will be planning for the next year too. Saying that, a temple on a non-crowded day is due.

Recently, Koodalmanikyam Temple found itself at the center of a dispute regarding the participation of a non-Hindu artist in the festival performances. These are the areas, where we should consider the age we are in and make changes. Controversies apart, Koodalmanikyam definitely goes to my list of favorite old school temples in Kerala.


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